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August 13, 2011
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Darker Than Black Animated 3 by BleachOD Darker Than Black Animated 3 by BleachOD
The theme of this signature is REAPER-VISION
Hei vs Wei--two Chinese dudes going at it..:iconilavplz:

I don't know who did this artwork and I am sorry I didn't ask you for permission BUT IT WAS SO EPIC THAT I HAD TO GET A SIG OUT OF IT. I found it on the net,but believe me if I knew who it was I would have, begged, bribed you, or USED VIOLENCE if I had to get your permission

Edit: Thanks to a member of DA, I know who to credit for the artwork. :icondenoro: is the artist who ..THE GOD who made this bad ass image I used for a render. Original deviation is here [link]

He is in a Kung Fu Stance :iconblushplz:

Again--This signature was made by TRUE of Bleach Asylum. He literally made this to my exact specifications. We worked on it together for two days or so...through msn. I chose placement fonts, clips, the sequence for the clips and he put it together.I am notorious for trying to get people into what I am watching they can fanboy/fangirl with me so I request gif sigs with clips.
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dear4life Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
I'm surprised you don't know who did this artwork. It's one of the most popular and first that show up when you search Darker Than Black images.

It's by the awesome Denoro.

Nows your chance to go ask.
BleachOD Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Oh I remember you from LJ. You're friends with SakuraMiko right?

Thanks so much for telling me. At the time, I wasn't a regular on DA. I relied on on others posting artwork for images. Hey I plan to upload a few more signatures. If you know the artist who did those please don't hesitate to tell me.

As a thank you- do you have a HeiMisaki image or manga panel that you would like a vector or coloring of? I will get it for you. Thanks again
dear4life Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
Yep! Miko is so sweet!
No problem. I'll have to look at the others and see if I know. I think, first glance most are official art.

No need to. I like to color myself (even though I'm not great at it). ^__^
BleachOD Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
I thought you'd say that, I actually have a few of your colorings saved. But now that I know you're here, I promise not use any without asking you first

I rarely use fan arts, without permission...Once in while I use them, if they're so spectacular and I usually get the artist's okay, unless I don't know them. It doesn't make it right though.... but I prefer to use the official arts and just get them vectored or rendered for just that reason. I truly didn't know who did it. I am art buff but I never knew about DA until recently. Even if he makes me take it down, I still had to tell him I used it. I NEVER EVER take credit for another persons artwork, nor do I ever use without full credits. I don't like to use images that weren't made for me, or given to me by the artist themselves so I rarely do so. This was so epic, that I couldn't help myself. Again thank you for telling me
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
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